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A robot hand writes for Dynamics Plus
Song Lyrics for Dyamics Plus albums

Battlestrux Year One Lyrics Battlestrux Year One: Captain of a Starship
Dynamic universe Volume 12
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The Lenzmen Dynamics Plus and the Battlestrux comic series merge into Dynamic Universe Volume 12 Battlestrux Year One: Captain of a Starship. The full length album chronicles the earliest adventures of the Mantis One starship crew.

Chaos Legion I & II Lyrics CHAOS Legion I & II
Dynamic universe Volume 10
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Imagine a world where the Roman Empire never fell but instead dominated the globe. Envision a place where mythology and technology meet on battlefields filled with robotic gladiators, giant siege machines and hovercrafts manned by Centurions. This is the world of the C.H.A.O.S Legion, a massive two volume concept album rooted in hip hop but powered by futuristic beats and a sonic palette including multiple characters conversing in rhyme.

Doctor Atomics Lyrics Doctor Atomics and the Fortress of Solitude
Dynamic Universe Volume 6
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This Dynamic Universe Volume Six is packed with the hot scientific lyricals only an Emcee of this caliber can deliver! Run From The Fallout set the tone and your buying power is now manifest with the skillful return of Science!

Run from the Fallout Lyrics Run From the Fallout and Dynamic Forces in Motion
Dynamic Universe Volume 4
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The solo album from Dynamics Plus is available. Features 17 tracks of pure, scientific Hip Hop. Volume four is the combination of two complimentary projects... The Run From The Fallout EP and Dynamic Forces In Motion.

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The Lenzmen track Residue is featured on the DonDiva DVD 'How we gettin it'. It plays before the Loaded Lux freestyle segment. A few other tracks from Dynamics Plus are sprinkled throughout. Also, check for the producer Sean Maru. His track appears at the Beginning of the P-Star segment.

Dynamics Plus is featured in the Pages of Ghetto Blaster Magazine issue 15. *purchase any 2 products from the Music Store and receive a copy* The Article can be found here.