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Chaos Legion I & II Lyrics Song Lyrics CHAOS LEGION I & II
Dynamic universe Volume 10

Imagine a world where the Roman Empire never fell but instead dominated the globe. Envision a place where mythology and technology meet on battlefields filled with robotic gladiators, giant siege machines and hovercrafts manned by Centurions. This is the world of the C.H.A.O.S Legion, a massive two volume concept album rooted in hip hop but powered by futuristic beats and a sonic palette including multiple characters conversing in rhyme.

The Chaos Legion I: Siege Machines

01. Intro: The Magnificent Six
02. Scribes did Describe
03. Raven's gate
04. The King of Ash Sits on a Throne of Skulls
05. Den of Thieves (Enter Van-Boris Darmais)
06. Liberators
07. Enter the Iron Maidens
08. Ronin Omega
09. Siege Machines (interlude)
10. Iron Fortress
11. Chaos Legion II
12. Robot Citadel Remix

The Chaos Legion II: Fall of the Wizard's Tower

01. Scribes did Describe
02. Day of Scarecrows
03. Night of the Dragon
04. Fall of the Wizard's Tower
05. One Stands Against Many
06. Invincible Gold Champion
07. Ashes and Remembrance
08. Vengeance Slayers
09. Eyes of Fate
10. Eve of Final Conquest
11. Twilight of the Crystal Castle
12. Epilogue/Prologue: Message Delivered (KIR)
13. Silicone City revisited

The Magnificent Six

It's been six days - neither army giving way
many were slain before the force that invades
on day eight we make a treaty and truce, to continue to lose
and so we use our best troops and their King is a glorious thing
so swift with the sword (victorious) some say it sings
a single flame, he circled with a torch
made a ring, a round arena where our battle will be fought.
They are called The Magnificent Six Without a further hint, he begins to sprint
The man's transfixed and thinking a trick for the runner comes quick
without a weapon to lift. "What madness is this?"
Then sparks start to flick like lightning on his feet
like his cleats striking flint He tried to dig in
but the runner runs over him and in a flash
he was gashed, chest bashed in
Now that's my best. Supreme Champion: Griffin crest on his chest
holds his ground before the final bound he dropped down
an upward cut cut the runner down.

They are quite skilled my lord. Watch the spearman. I see it!

From The stance he was standing in
face like a mannequin heavy handed holds the javelin
rubs his hands with salt then starts to assault
from walk to stalk, tries to pole vault
I chopped his stalk made him fall off and summersault
he was caught, took his helmet and his head off

(watch it my lord)
he's so vicious with a discus
He stood ready, steady closing the distance
I whispered Invictus while hoping he misses
His missile listens and another man's finished
My shield caved in, I darted in
he started to spin, my small blade slides under his chin.
They run at strange angles
The claw hooks dangle, they entangled his ankle
He was strangled in a net or a mesh
and then the rest began stripping his flesh (Triangle defense)
I threw my sword and it scored
Bathis roared and chopped through the cords
Two of the last three tried to reel him in.
The pinned fisherman doesn't feel the steel slide in.
The second to last, lasts for a second
he was deadened by a double headed heavy weapon.
It's so ironic as he sprawls
even as he falls he wonders what the weapons called.
The dust settles, see their king in heavy metal.
And this test is a testament to his mettle
We stared across the battle field
two bloody battlelords who will never yield
I picked up my battered shield
A small matter for the heavy battle axe he wields.
At forty paces, there's a glares in his face
at twenty paces all he sees is his face
in ten paces the sun seals his fate
reflected in my shield, and deflecting to a scrape.
The next waits, the sure blade play decapitates
for my Chaos Legion we defend the gates

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Betrayal at Raven's Gate

He knelt, took her hand and said King's will.
Then drills steel she reels but held the hilt still.
I swung and took his hand off at the sleeves
In a dream I'm screaming to their fallen queen
"Grand decree from King Xertese:
Dynamics, this day you die here on Raven Peak"
and then he raised his arm to me
as if he didn't see how his hand bleeds
He laughed , I advanced and he fell back
In a flash we attacked and many swords clashed
men fell, pell mell into the angry swell
with my best back to back somehow we held

"Someday scribes will tell, how two stood against many and did quite well."

We can't outlast, "Sir it's been an honor."
He cleared a path and screamed "Avenge this horror!"
Then he rushed and leapt to attack
I called, but only swords and spears answered back
(he falls) I raced to the ridge
to the edge of the cliff, twisted and dove off the rim.
I had a glimpse Magnus raising up his limb
then the blackness slips as I splashed in.

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The King of Ash Sits on a Throne of Skulls

Water, water whirlpool swirling
fins overhead dark shapes, sharks circling.
I'm dragged across the ridge, breaking ribs
over the sandbar where the Kraken lives
Large shadow darts in
then turns without charging in.
Far below from a rift or a fissure-
erupts an unearthly glow.
Lo and behold it was a hollow.
I'm swimming down, the world was spinning around.
Now I followed- hearing an unknown tune.
Sweet voices leading me to an unknown doom.
Lungs bursting..
Sirens sending me beside the leagues of Poseidon
He laughs and raises his trident.
Undercurrents. I was swept up inside it.
I crawled up from the shallows.
Into the alcove of a the cave that glowed
The lights shows
An enormous cavern shaped close
to a hungry maw whose jaws just snapped closed.
Shadows danced on the ceiling. I wandered further in.

And again I heard the tune.
And was led into an adjacent room
where a treasure trove was strewn
poured all about the floor.
Great rubies, jewels, tomes and runes;
a pirate's boon buried in this watery tomb.
Perhaps the vaults of Neptune or Rhea's womb.
I picked up a sword, but my left arm wouldn't move.
I picked it up and put it back down
in case the gods disapprove.
roughly cut steps leading underground.
Here a circular area in the center a mound
Skulls piled up and made a throne.
There sat a giant; A King of Ash reduced to bones.
The sword he holds is magnificent.
Untouched, unaged and perfectly made.
A quote was carved in its blade.
I reached out, he reached out
I cried out and fell down and froze.
He stood up and walked down from the throne.
His arm outstretched, I was too afraid to collect.
I tried to steal my way in the darkness
Somehow he knows and charges headlong into the shadows .
I stumbled back and was trapped.
Then raised his blade for the killing blow
Began to swing and slowed.
Pointed back to the alcove then walked back to throne.
Sat down in the same pose and froze.
But now I know because I saw the quote.

"In life the devil told, years beyond my time
In death my treasure holds. Time would never die.
And I rule from a throne, men on my side
The lie was sold when my soul was forfeit for gold.
I am The King of Ash sitting on a Throne of Skulls"

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Den of Thieves
(Enter Van-Boris Darmais)

My hands outstretched-
Let the friendship be forged
More Armor for the corps
in this livelihood of war
All for conquest- the test and the score
So hard to the core- the brotherhood of the sword
In the Chaos- Legion you become a god
Combat: Heavy Assault Operations Squad

"Come forward and give up your sword"
Come for it and I bet more blood pours
I'm legionnaire Dynamics Plus
"Right! And I'm baron von-bo-bo-bo.."
"And this is my den of thieves
Okay deserters that chose to leave"
A sentinel, you wear the stars of a general
"Well it's well deserved since I've served under several"
In that case I say a small wager
You and your saber verse me and my little razor
"If I win, I'm taking your sword and head"
and when I win, you enlist with me instead

"An army of fools?" Okay, What's the rules
"No rules!" He charged in a total brute
Clearly proves, I barely had time move
Well trained battle lord not far removed
"Nice opening move" You need to improve, here's
definitive proof, "haha that's your finishing move?"
not my best, but in his chest was a small groove
"I guess I underestimated you"

We begin to trade "Now that's a sturdy blade!"
Even though he outweighs he slowly begins to fade
Me I can do this for days, how about you
"Oh me too"his men came to get a better view
All along the walls their numbers grew
He's outlasted, no longer advancing
I'm spanning and panning he Gasping and panting
I took hold once their voices rolled
"Are you impressed by the fold?"

And arms to all, one of us must fall
He starts to brawl but on of his men call
"Hail the Dynamics Plus!" "Who dare speaks?"
"I was there at Ravens Peak"
"You can't be they say he swims down below..."
up to above and behold the sword he holds
"Indeed, now where would you lead?"
To the foot of vengeance until the very sky bleeds
"To defeat an evil King?" And other righteous deeds
"The Crystal Castle" where all roads lead

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Enter the Iron Maidens

They walked in- angelic twins.
black and bronze armor, with sun-baked skin.
Bows and spears, swords and shears behold the pair.
Slings of gold rings hang from her ears
In the light they seemed to shine
I whispered Concubine "Oh No Dynamics
these are warriors, Iron Maidens;
a gift from my 3rd wife.
They are Amazons; a race warlike.
They must remain untouched and chaste.
or lose their fighting spirit and last...
If one should die the other is soon to pass.
Enough, bring your best man and let them demonstrate."

He was lost at Raven's Gate
[reference to Bathis who died in the Betrayal at Raven's Gate/Peak]

So I'll test their fate and see how highly they rate
Plus, I can handle the weight
And I swing my sword sings, they stepped in single file.
Moved in unison using Unicorn Style
One strikes while the other one parries
Quickly shifts grips.
The weapon hand varies
I saw her slide to the edge of bow range
and then threw a faint and feigns to exchange
she never claims - I'm sure she took aim.
Arrow grazed - I'm amazed at how close it came
I charged and clashed blades
her steel slate glanced off my shoulder plate
I swung over, she bent over
I swung lower she ducked lower
the other leapt over, the blow doubled me over.
"Oh I think it's over" I tried to throw her
Her next slice took the bars of my shoulder.
"Looks like you're reduced to a foot soldier.!"

She leg swipes, I'm knocked to one knee
(where did she go?) she lands on top of me
Pinning me down. While the other straddles me
"Now that's an interesting position to die in."
-relaxed my guard they weren't even breathing hard
You are now officially charged
with the protection of Lord Dynamics
hands raised, let Athena be praised on the day
we Liberated and gained the Iron Maidens

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Ronin Omega

Winter was setting in, army needed supplies.
We relied on the Riders, but little did they find.
The lands were ravished by a plague
even the high lands were damned by the famine.
And more: the lord baron hoards an enormous store in his fort.
And caught in the spell of a supernatural force
he returned from a lost valley and brought Back what he sought
from an unknown source captured in his court
some sort of demonic escort Clad in crimson armor no human hand had ever wrought.
They call him the lord of serpents
"enough of this, this is worthless"
They claim to have captured his servant
"More a lunatic in his service"
We'll let the man escape
follow him and gain entrance to his masters estate
and so in the darkness we kept an unseen distance
he ran for several leagues and never seemed to fatigue

just beyond the barrens we arrive at the keep
where they say baron Vie-ree eternally sleeps
in a dark room lies a coffin like cocoon
They say he moves among the ruins and tombs
but only stirs when consumed, by unearthly thirsts
growing worse in the later phases of the full moon
he hunts and haunts, gaunt fingers find a groove
and then the wall shifts

I walked in ahead, so carefully we tread
he reached up clear a spiders web and touched the thread
something drove into his head
a wall slid, but I dove through the gap
a metal plate collapsed. I heard my men pound -
and call-- from the other side of the wall.

So I walked deeper in to the darkened chamber
Eyes darted back and forth hyper alert for danger
I came across a crypt with a single rusted red pyramid--
Rotating on a disc, fitted with cryptic inscriptions
and the hall was littered with scripts
the walls were draped with strange shapes, obelisks depicted in hieroglyphs
then the triangle slid and it began to unfold
it was made of metal and stone
it stood huge and loomed it was an awesome ogre
an eastern soldier in ochre hues
it rumbled as it moved
his face plate was a gorgon in pain
his armor made from many plates
I said this can't be real. Then he spoke as he Approached.
"Then let your death reveal that Ronin Omega is ..real"

The very earth seemed to peel underneath his heel.
I swung to feint, pulled my sword up short
and smashed my shield in his face.
He reached out to embrace. I slid under and hacked at his base.
Then circled around seeking a seam in his plates
-he twisted at the waist, and faced me
although his feet stayed in place.
I leapt and thrust at his face.
His fist crashed down like a mace.
I landed badly on my shoulder displaced.
I braced and reset it
I held my shield unsure if I could lift it.
He walked over. I slid over jamming my blade mid joint-
it broke off at the point.
He gripped my wrist and I was forced to drop it.
The shield too. What are you?! He paused and said...

"I fell to your world long ago.
My retainer is Baron Vie-ree
and I have served him since. "

I still couldn't break his grips.
Then he lifted me and tossed me as if I was weightless.
Lights danced around me. He advanced upon me.
He grabbed about my torso and began to crush.
And pointed his fingers at my eyes
"Wake up time to die" but then tossed me aside.
He went berserk into a mad rage.
Smashing - anything in his way.
A gate lowered partway and I noticed the floor was marked in the same way
and his step activates.
I pressed down on the plate and was shown the way
I staggered down the hallway.
It was another chamber with a single shrine
no a sarcophagus displayed on a raised dais.
Between me and it were bubbling pits.
My eyes watered from the toxic mists- rising in wisps.
The monster staggered in
chipping the walls of the crypt under his hammering fists.
I risked it and lept across the pits
reached - for the lid and began lifting it.
I cried out when I saw what was inside.
He was decayed and dried, mummified eyes staring wide seeing me and yet not seeing me.
Somehow I knew he was alive.
About his neck was a locket or prism
with the soul of the crimson monoliths imprisoned within it.
I grabbed the pendant and he awoke
reached up and snatched at my throat.
The outer case broke spilling red dust that turned into smoke.

The pounding stopped. He sat up.
Looked past me uncaring, I turned and saw the stone monolith staring.
He stepped up and picked the baron up.
Like a father carrying a child.
The behemoth walks down into the pit halfway while still locked in a gaze.
The monster turned molten while the legs of the Baron melted away.
It had eaten away to his waist.
He seemed to awaken for the second time today.
He clawed frantically but it was too late.
I wretched from the smell of burning flesh.
Just before he sunk below he spoke.
"You have freed me, Ronin Omega who fell to your world long ago."

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Destruction of the Iron Fortress

The sky lit up --- looking like fireworks
Then the whistle was heard and the missile burst
watching it curve as it swerves
We hurled a black bird and returned his serve
He fired back bigger bombs attached
Blast the whole pack that only crashed on impact
There it sat and became the trap
The sides opens wide, it begins to rise
(Strikers) It strides like spiders
The legs are joints each arm a razor points
So precise- My men are being sliced
By the anti-personnel device
We dead their Kinetic -electro magnetic
Heavy impact super wave device
Stops the arachnid attack when enacted
What do we got? (oh I think we can match it)

It flew clear then veered and steered off
The sheer wall of the cliff had sheared off
Look at ---my 3rd engineer
Stands where it clearly says to stand clear
He was told to come but all heard was a hum
the gun dumps had ruptured his eardrum.
lights, it's like lightning strikes
Alanis said "It's a beautiful sight"
The skies in twilights, her face shone bright
-grips my arm tight, it implodes and ignites
Overcome by the hum and buzz
I noticed how striking she was

-He let off another load [Just for VZ and Jim] (whoa)
Then its payload explodes
the canister glows throws electrodes
(My army) See how their armor corrodes
(Chemicals!) that's it no mercy!
my Infantry, they melt way instantly
([give me] binoculars) and I observe
He stands on the verge a menacing scourge
His fingers stirs and he spells out words
'If death's on a perch then death is deserved'
Surge! My eyes blurred from the toxic
(Bring out Doctor Atomics)
Machines turned on as he waved a Wand
In his open hand marching band baton
Alanis said "What a strange symphony.."
Aureyis Said "Quite simply it's a Theremin" (he's using it to guide it in)
Here it comes

Poor engineer still standing there
In a trance-like state (is he even awake)
The Megaton -spear it tears off
The shockwave wake, wakes and blows his ear off
I wiped my lens and took sight again
With signs he offends and his wall defends
His shields persists and the bombs resist
He stood on a lift and pumped his fist
More bombs dropped, then his arms dropped
A high-pitched whine as the target locks
The knock blew a block and the cheering stopped (watch)
Atomic Clocks we let the gods watch (watch)
The shield tried to withstand the might
And for a second I thought it just might
The searchlights the sights to air raid
He looked to the heavens, prays his arms raised.
looked this way, then saluted a grade
then was blown away -off the wall in a blaze.
The final days of a fortress waves
Siege machines (Chaos) clear The Way (Legion)

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The Chaos Legion II: Fall of the Wizard's Tower

01. Scribes did Describe
02. Day of Scarecrows
03. Night of the Dragon
04. Fall of the Wizard's Tower
05. One Stands Against Many
06. Invincible Gold Champion
07. Ashes and Remembrance
08. Vengeance Slayers
09. Eyes of Fate
10. Eve of Final Conquest
11. Twilight of the Crystal Castle
12. Epilogue/Prologue: Message Delivered (KIR)
13. Silicone City revisited

Day of Scarecrows

We rode east on the way to his to the castle keep
There to seek the highest peaks where a wizard sleeps
The soothsayer sips his ale and then starts a tale
And details how the fish scales and entrails of
Small children were simmering inside his cauldron
The gate fallen in, fall in my Legion called in
"Are you sure? This is far from the art of war"
For my armored corps, what's a small Detour?
"But sire I implore there's more." then he starts to pour
(Drunk) "You ask for hardcore stories of gore
The son of satan's whore some say a basilisk..."
(You wither to sticks) "When your name is whispered from his lips"
(That's good, that's very good
do you even Believe what he said?
-Reminded him of Ronin in red
Unfold In a grove behold rows of scarecrows
Most decomposed with their Eyes and mouths sewn closed
As we rode on the main road twofold
Alanis came closer in, said "Sir, it's so cold"
Fearful my dear? (Careful here, hear the Cold wind)
(I hear nothing)"but I feel like eyes are closing in"

(Sir, I think it just moved a limb)
The young prince so convinced that it's just the wind
Until the limb lashed out, slashed across his chin
And then a sharp pin sides in
Greg is so brave, no delay he dives in the fray
Stage a display,slays, it's like he plays with the blade
He was bit in the face and his pate starts to decay
I watched his face turn grey
And more start to come down in no time surround
We pound em to the ground rebound but they don't stay down
Boris screened and screamed (What can kill these things?)
Aureyis "Sorry My king, I'm almost out of slings"
Alanis said "look how they all have rings"
(that's it -- now go man to man and take off their hands)
We disband, the horror plan Of my gruesome band
Until the sun sets and falls in this cursed land
In time ravages work by these savages
Victims of a massacre circled by the scavengers
"Here's another allegory story for your gory"
(Well soothsayer where's your glory?)

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Night of The Dragon

We arrived as the sky turns red desire
The hillside was marked- with a ring of fire
She spies a single spire that rises higher
spike tower where the wizard in white retires
the moon light shone bright on the tombstones
she notes, each grave engraved with a quote.
Alanis pulled close and read what it wrote
The first verse: here lies the final test of many heroes
And a curse: Burn your world before Nero
(much worse) well, what did you expect a moat?
(Watch it) fingers begin breaking the earth (Zombies)
suddenly set free summoned up from their earthly births
for blood thirst, as a first this is grisly work
be on your guard legion who knows what else lurks

Look sir in the light of the full moon
Is that a Statue? (the wizard) he begins to move
in a trance, enrapt Boris snapped (What is that?)
although his hands were clasped we all heard claps
even before it's fully formed we heard the wings flap
he's summoned a dragon made from glass
The Lumberjack Ajax, joined our camp weeks back
He reaches back, hurls his murder axe, watch it curve
Passes through undisturbed, swerves, circles back
Relax, It's a ghost Then the dragon lands
Contracted its throat
breathed smoke then began to roast
And fully cooked the man right where he stands
(Battering ram) it's the wizard- he's the key to this
Alanis (ready!) pours poison on her arrow tips
Aureyis (steady) already see her spear lifts
Boris (oh this could be dangerous)

He ran to the peak of a crag and raised a flag
Saying his own tag and Waving like Raving mad
It passed though his gullet and smashed in its stomach
(yeah) Began to plummet then crashed into the summit
A part of the ramparts came apart
(An opening) (hurry)( it's closing in)
A large hall with walls full of coat of arms
She warns we were Swarmed by the coat of arms
(dynamics) Boris! We can handle this
Ascended the steps, kill the wizard and bag of tricks
Alanis Aureyis (go) and prepare to face
anything at the top of the that staircase

"Here lies the final test of many heroes
slain In a row, make a quote for tombstones
sworn to a code: Burn your world before Nero
wolf in the fold- in a world that's so cold"

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Fall of The Wizard's Tower

I pressed up the stairs into unknown danger
There to confront the wizard in his inner chamber.
He stood facing a window do doubt looking down
At the rout of his guard
"hear the battering rams pound".
(you! How dare you) Engarde wizard!
A smile curved on his face
He turns towards a wall with many weapons in place.
An assortment of swords, spears, hammers
all placed in a glass case.
He reached for a baton.
What chance against my advanced armored charge
is the frail wizards wand?
In a slight twist of his wrist, my full weight he resists
(what is this?) Then faced away
and waved his wand as if to dismiss.
A gust erupts and lifts
I sailed and crashed through a table.
He pulled on a cable. and I heard the springs
I dove and flattened for overhead a pendulum swings
He pulled on a ring and slinging from the ceiling
was the blade of a Guillotine.
"You and these damn machines!"
I threw my dagger -- my aim was true-
he staggered back. "My blood won't be spilled by the likes of you.
I'm a god: I can't be killed"
he wheeled around and wound a small reel -
a wheel by the seal by the window sill
conceals a drill it was fast
but I was faster still

If blood is ink then let this quote fulfill (no!)
and I wrote his death sentence with the quill
He was impaled but still flailed. (Your magic has failed)
He grasped with fingers like iron nails
His eyes began to glow he reached back for a rope
(Oh no you don't) I wrapped it around his throat
"I was here before your race was a [thought]--"
I pulled the rope taught and his words were choked off

He ran to the ledge (I shall avenge!)
and then leapt off His neck snapped
but he still scrapped and scratched. (Alanis!)
Arrows dispatched and the Wizard finally passed.
In the final hour devoured and hangs from his tower
Among a hail of showers He explodes in a powder
With the passage of power so collapses the wizards tower
Let scribes describe and decide the meaning
Where passes the Chaos Legion in winters season

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Invincible Gold Champion

Battle weary heavyweight, Strike and parry
Legendary adversary, Weapon hand will vary
Immovable object: He's the Last man standing in
Unbeatable warrior, Invincible Gold Champion
Battle weary heavyweight, Strike and parry
Legendary adversary, Weapon hand will vary
Unbeatable warrior: He's the Last man standing in-
irresistible force, Invincible Gold Champion

His hardened armor grayed, dated faded, plates decayed
I gauged, it's past it's age
back from the days of sporting range
around his waist were wrapped in chains
grips and fists the same his face a fencing cage
eyes a flame, ablaze with rage

"Come Dynamics, it honors me to engage
Such a great conqueror as you today"

"Unnamed warrior may the legends say
That your gods were merciful on this day"

(En garde!) High end guard, halts his charge and scars his arm
Iron bar breaks to shards, blows bombard we start to spar
My lance it passes splits, faster slashes collar chips
He shifts ducks under slips
quickly switch to fists and hits
I spring in swinging my pin pinning him
pin sinking in, he winces from the pincers pinching in
I see vivid and grim images
of winning and finishing him
He spins and breaks the pin
stabs attack and cracks a rib
Jabs and splits my chin, grabbed an ankle
tackled him Reverse the spin, hissed it's second wind
grimacing switched to grin

"You're a hard man to bring down"
"You shall learn my name in this next round"

Part II
His belt unfolds, he rolled
"Behold he who holds the chain that rips"
he whips, my shield shatters into tattered strips
He unleashed a leash, malicious treat
metallic fleece, at Least its reach
it seeks and wreaks
a hungry beast it needs to eat
His angry lash, slash and gash
blood sprays and splash I'm Draining fast, my last gasp
Dash in clash and crash
He rises first, I'm striking first
divert his surge and lurch
-he Dives headfirst, reversed his foreheard burst
I'm sure he takes the worst
My dirk inserts and works
his blood spurts sprays and squirts
For What is it worth on the verge then he turned berserk
Rakes my trap breaks the grasp
shoulder fails and flaps arm collapsed armor taxed
my slash a passing scratch
the handle edge opens up a wedge
-as we neared the ledge jigs and digs around the rim
ridge, edge of the bridge
Then my men moved in, I told them hold
then he holds the ropes begins to choke
leaned close and spoke
"I am undefeated. I have my thousand victories
His daughter was promised to me..."
He seems to lose his thought
release the rope I caught I rolled him off
But then he reached across and pushed me off
My army roared. I saw across the ford
enormous gorge swinging back and forth
from a cord
"Swear on your sword and declare me the undefeated champion!
"Deliver my message!" I vowed as much
he hauled me up
"Tell King Pariah I loved her" I reached out my hand to hold
(Invincible Gold Champion) then he dove to fall below
And I froze open handed (sir, what happened)
Tell the army we are free to cross the bridge
of the Invincible Gold Champion!

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Vengeance Slayers

We approached and encroached on their encampment
I saw scores on of ships on the shores of the embankment.
A scribe rattled on about a death banquet.
I took an assessment of their embattlements.
I saw a team of rhinoceros pulling something monstrous.
The largest platform with wheels
with a wall of warriors wrapping around in a ring
It must be their King disembarking.
The chariest holding golden lariats and pulling his chariots.
This was a Norse invasion force-
northern overlords from frosted and frozen shores.
The first sought to explore
the main corps has arrived for war.
We must crush this horde before they erect forts and reinforce.

Forward scout reports: "Sir, just outside
a large galley lies on its side."
(It must be their weapons ship) stranded in low tide
they'll have to wait till high tide to try to pull it inside
and so it seems Poseidon decides.
Without the galley we can rally
they are only armed with the arms that they could carry.
I'll lead a fontal assault and after a short delay
race in range to melee the chaos won't betray our small array.
Alanis and Aureyis; We must turn back these raiders
we are far beyond the rage of the vengeance slayers.
They nodded acknowledgment and gathered up their armaments.
Alanis seemed to glow throwing a longbow
a cross-bow and an assortment of arrows
as we crept close. The iron maidens kept close.
Then a great roar arose.
We rushed down slopes while they froze.
He never saw the first blow or the second-
which left him beheaded.

The iron maidens worked in unison as one kills from afar
a large part never sees the start of her small darts.
It's an art how deliberate an arrow darts
and leaves a small scar on her arm
then pierces his heart, as the arc conceals it's charm.

(Vengeance slayers) arrows fly, watch over her charge-
(vengeance slayers) the crimson tide washes over the sandbar.
(Vengeance slayers) And say your final prayers
(Vengeance slayers) Chaos Legion - loss of my Vengeance Slayers

They began to swarm; one hacked at my arm
my armor chirped off an alarm
so I disarmed him and chopped off his arm.
Another fell, "Tell Bel it was me that sent you to hell."
Another yelled "I shall avenge you brother!"
but he was repelled and held and lost his helm
when my overhand cracked his shell.
In the melee the lion holds the wolf pack at bay.
Into the fray. They gave way. I made way.
We divided a wedge, more of my men poured down from the ledge.
Swordplay, blood sprays. Beware of my hungry edge.
At my back a berserker worked with a dagger.
You'll need something harder to penetrate my armor.
So I didn't bother --with him just yet. I saw a greater threat.

A giant titan strides. He swipes and men fall at his sides.
His hammer smites- smashes through armor and bone alike.
But back to you again , I put my sword in his chest
my poniard points upward, under his chin.
Then I took off running. and never saw him coming
my sword fell a distance.
We went tumbling I struggled with him.
Others closed in stabbing, trapped in
- couldn't break free from the grappling.
Then the others backed off
I heard (he's mine) and something lopped his head off.
I tried to lift him off, but a second blow blasts him off
and lands before I could roll him off.
I looked up and saw the beast.
A massive mastodon - eight feet at least.
His hammer sings and I'm being crushed underneath.
Then he reached down with crushing gauntlets.
I smell hot death on his breath
[armor beyond tolerance], losing consciousness...

Part II

I dreamt of windmills and Valkyries sweeping down hills
And a faceless Blacksmith shaping nails on his anvil
I became aware senses fully restored.
He leaned and back and roared
as more of her arrows bored
I searched for the sword, as she screamed to forewarn
the devil spawn was gored and lifted by the horn
she turned to face the charging storm and lifted her spear
(Aureyis) a small grin appears and then she disappears
Alanis notched -- her last arrow and shot--.
The king raised a rock-like shield to block
- but it couldn't stop He stood up. looked shocked,
whispered "I cannot-" then pitched forward
and fell from the top of his chariot box.
Screams of victories, the invaders were in defeat
in full retreat being forced back into the sea.
But Not far from me. Aureyis held by Alanis.
Said She swims down to Atlantis. And death soon advances
she wanted to know so I held her close
I held her close. So close until her eyes closed
And in her last breath a cold wind blows
let Scribes describe and compose- final prayers
for the Loss of my Iron Maidens
on the warpath of the Vengeance Slayers.

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Eyes of Fate

Just before his watch was up
He watched her wash up (someone get Dynamics Plus)
So young is the girl with her hands bound
Found where she drowned
wrapped inside a white gown
She faced face down - we turned her around
and found her face full round as if time rewound
Quite absurd, then the worst occurred, her mouth
Pursed poured forth words and verses only I heard
"King Xertese exercises as he please and
Even as she bleeds she sees future prophecies
He will ride through the gates of his city wide
And face you face to face the end draws nigh
On his golden chariot victory decry
You dare deny, or defy your destiny defined"
(how do you know this) from the inner eye
In her mind are signs
the evil king will enlist to try
To divine, to devise a concubine confined
She'd rather die as a bride at Poseidon's side
So she decides and consigns to the oceans tide
Here a final find for our fates intertwine

(Dynamics!) Boris (You seem shaken)
a dream ? I feel as if freshly awakened
Should the body be returned to the sea?
Rheas daufghter has drunk enough water
Leave the body undisturbed and set to burn
Now rally the troops for my final words.
(She sees) The future through her eyes of fate
What she creates, it relates inside her dreamscapes
(Her eyes of fate) she watched the world take shape
To Future late -When the weight of destiny awaits

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Twilight of The Crystal Castle

I grabbed my sword and staff
matched from the King of Ash
The hour nearing, I sat fingering her earrings
Do not dwell on such things, focus on the King (yes)
But I must say they would have killed many
(They stood as good as any.) The best of all
(Final Battle Call). Acid rain begins to fall
First the Siege Machines leveled everything
The landscape was laid waste plain before their king
( I can prepare a heavy weapon yield)
No, it's man to man, hand to hand
standing in this field
The legion starts to rush
we meet in a massive crush
The thirst of blood lust
worse with every sword thrust

Part II

Something hit my arm, my armor chirped and alarm
he was armed with a small arms, he began to charge
(You coward) my heavy sword play overpowers
My blade ate his face
devoured into crimson showers
My swarming locus formed a chorus
Just before the fortress, I came across the fallen Boris
Laying prone a deep gash from where blood flowed
His eyes were closed, but he spoke in very low tones
"My lord beware the anger of his fists"
Who did this, Magnus? "Dynamics!"
We circled round and made a final battleground
the armies did surround, wrapped around our human mound
Here is where you go down, here is where justice is Found
I covered ground began to pound
And then heard the sound
air disturbed and urged to burn Turned to learn
a murder burst hurled from his Gauntlet urn

Part III

Lightning spikes off his every strike
The world went dark
only marked from the dancing sparks
The massive hand he wields, peels my armor soon to yield
I reeled thrusts from his heel cracks and breaks the seal
I fell back and smashed into a stone
"That will make a worthy tombstone!"
Then the massive stone begins to glow and grow
Starts to spin and slows, rolls, rose and then unfolds

"Red is the face of the Ronin Omega
Between the god that is seen. In his terrible grips.
Chaos Legion my Lord Dynamics..."

Magnus charges, charges up his suit.
The power Surged, the circuit drew
he cued, selects electrocute and shoots
the circuits blew burned and turned blue as he let loose
Fires every fuse, every erg was used, but it's no use
Ronin caught his fist, his fingertips crushed his wrist
His Gauntlet smashed to bits, Ronin then released the grip
"I fell to your world long ago..."
He turned around and then sank below the ground

Magnus! what once was is now no more.
I lunged and plunged my sword
he choked on the gore
the kings sees a glimpse of Magnus falling limp
To fill his future hint [Eyes of Fate reference]
he rides his golden chariot
beyond the crippled gates to see and seal his fate
but just too late, they warn
I fall before its crushing weight
(victory of the Prophecies)
but he did not see where he leaps
He feet were caught and sheathed by the whipping leash
and sweeps His screams to halt only spurned them on
and he and he was drawn
Right through the Crystal Castle gates
see he fights and scrapes Finally he fades away my Destiny awaits

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