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Battlestrux Year One Lyrics Song Lyrics Battlestrux Year One
Dynamic universe Volume 12

It's a mission to investigate the mysterious disappearances of ships near the edge of a Gravity Well. You will follow the first voyage of the newly appointed captain. It's Time for Action as you man your battle-stations and make ready for sci-fi hip hop. When you put a masterful lyricist over out-of-this-world beats, you get Battlestrux Year One.

Battkestrux Year One: Captain of a Starship

01. Enter the Battlestrux
02. Space Kraken Awaken
03. Here's Your Mission
04. Captain on the Bridge
05. Pirates!
06. Where Starships Disappear
07. Lair of the Beast
08. Enter the Exit Track
09. Encounter on Planet X-10
10. M.O.P.H.O. Last Analogue Transmission
11. Farewell Omega Pegasus
12. Battle Planet (Impossible Obstacle REMIX)

Enter the Battlestrux

Tower control (classes for launch Mr. Avid)
All energy systems passive.
Well then it's time for action
Navigation (always forward, always upward)
Weapon station (Always vigilant sir)
Communication (receiving on all channels)
Chief Engineer (ha) Mister La'Veer (yeah) light the candle
My engines roar to life, a megaton space ship takes flight. (Well alright!)
I'm on the edge of accepting stripes and pledging to defend
the far ends of the universe as a Battlestrux First Knight
it's Captain of a rocketship
graduation day
Mantis One sits in an underground launch bay
It's an A-Shaped spaceship
far beyond you range A vast array of rays arranged
she starts to raise Up .
My crew is a class of cadets and this my final test.
Anti-Gravity (setting sail)
They plan a malfunction, something is rigged to fail
Sir, they've stopped the overhead doors
Well smash into the bay.
Navcom; angle us sideways
(The Gyroscope has failed ) we're losing control of pitch
well this it. Manual control, pass the console.
(Yes Sir!) Starting rotation and roll.
End over end over end
(I never seen that before)
clearing the launch bay doors (oh my lord)
we passed through the access while gyrating
into the open sky aligned and then the ship straightened
(Gyroscope returned to nominal)
That was phenomenal
Tower (Test close)
sir shuttle on approach
Permission to come aboard the Mantis (Granted)
Captain please recite the oath.
We were told they would come
Those who did not know their own name (Dynamics Plus!)
These, the children of the cosmos would change all that came before
and control the fate of the Universe.
The Gods will say they named the starts well
and look down with delight for this is the age of Wars.
And yet, great ships loom across the skies (Mantis One)
and the heavens were darkened by the Lords of Battlestrux
Congratulations Dynamics Plus, you are Captain of a Starship!

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Space Kraken Awaken

About 12 parsecs out
the Omega Pegasus drops out of space warp
the first officer reports
All clear- we arrive where starships disappear
The sea of despair at the ends of the great space frontier
At the Galaxy Academy
cadets jokingly Call it Bethany's triangle
a collapse star that's eclipsed
she strangles ships
and anything else that drifts
manages to mangle any that slips into her gravity pits
she's entangled a list
her appetite is enormous
Oh it's quite ravenous
her waist or should I say Radius--
a magnetic storm forms up her nucleus
warning beacons are seeded and seated around her rim
warning ships to avoid her lips or be kissed and sucked in
recently the frequency of lost ship ships increasingly
Captain Diogenes is sent in to solve the mystery
he thinks confidently this mission is so far beneath me
huh foolish merchants who can't navigate these straits
and then the energy surges and his ship begins to shake
science desk relates and tells of a gravity swell
he launches a diving bell
first mate Michelle yells
something monstrous is emerging from the center if the well
red alert alarms, weapons arm, set deflectors to repel
shields erect, science desk interjects
shields erode, it's the side effects of the energy fields, Sir! Object unknown
starting to close in and it's getting close
all ahead slow and load the torpedoes, fire first salvo
missile slides from it's silo they explode in a glowing halo.
Sir I have a visual, it's a giant shadow
Weapons con: Projectiles no effect
it's projected course Intercept.
He told everyone stay calm.
Evasive defense! No sir, we can't out maneuver.
-then brace for collision He sat down quietly and then the darkness hit them

Verse 02

for almighty is the power of the battle ship.
The pen- ultimate dreadnaught warship with heavy armaments
A formless bulk slams into Omega Pega-sus
she rolls on her side and tips as her hull rips
Next to the engine Young ensign James Bisby holds his fiancée
as her essence slips away
he cradles her in his arms, and rubs her charm
it was meant to bring her luck and avoid harm. (decompression alarm)
Air starts rushing out
instead of running out or paying heed to the warning shouts
he decides to stay until his time runs out.
The shield plate gives out.
He wheels about and tries to shout but no words come out
the light go out, then the air gets sucked out
then he get's sucked out
and then swallowed into the Krakens mouth
(Captain) Far above on the bridge (Captain)
Young Michelle watched her display fade
and then she began to pray
He cleared the rubble, the Engineer reports
the drive buckled, damage severe he knew they were in trouble
Weapons Clear! He fired batteries --
after another Battering they were down to emergency batteries.
(Shields collapsing) Course heading ahead!
But the helmsman wasn't listening
Seems he had died when his station fried.
The ship was listing
Lights blinking, air venting and hissing...
he calmly sat down in his captains chair and began thinking
(Captain we're sinking) reminiscing and reciting
And yet, great ships loom across the skies
And the heavens were darkened by the Lords of
Battlestrux (Captain; we're about to die) and then he closed his eyes
Should the stars fall from the sky (and worlds collide)
And should ships sink into the oceans of time (Space Kraken Arise)
Across seas of fate, the hand of God will touch
Final destiny at the end of the galaxy (Battlestrux!)

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Captain on the Bridge

We cruise through space
ship accelerates
at warp speed rates
passing through the gates
we all lose weight from the gravity state
grey atomic flakes left in our wake
stars change shape - then change their state
create an Ice lake for our ship to skate
ripples and wakes from the noise we make
a lesser god quakes and then shakes awake
rays radiate in a beautiful haze
space illuminates as the rays escape
the razor scrapes, see the pain on her face
she turns away the metal plate's in place
it must be the strain of the gyrus's vibrates
grating leads to nose bleeds and migraines
breaking warp into normal space
ends the navigates and clears the slates

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Where Starships Dissapear

We're here where starships disappear
In a gravity well called the Sea of Despair
While we effect repairs, somewhere out here
is a monstrous nightmare that some would swear
we're lost in the lair of the Devil's heir
with a Medusa stare and snakes for its hair
Captain Dynamics Plus sinks in his chair
He stares till his XO whispers in his ear
Tactical Report, [we're a booster short]
Omega Pegasus to port, [we have platform support]
We need another power source
We'll feed off the derelict's core (of course)
the Omegas' power cells, using ours as well '
to propel us from the center of the Gravity swell
We'll need captain codes and a starship
key to unload. Well that means the captain goes.
(but not alone) [sir] Miss Icon; you have the conn
She tried to look strong, but her face was drawn
My captain don't be gone long
Young Sinclair took the empty chair.
You'll need communications over there. That's fair.
Oh that's fair, aheh, young Jason the Parrot
Sir, I am ready in your chariot (let's go)
[Shuttle Away] very strong magnetic waves
And there sits the Omega Pegasus.
Our shuttle slips into a rift
Entering the Battlestrux Battleship
now turned into a silent crypt [Captain Dynamics?]
Sir that incoming communiqué (yes)
that's the source of the wave! it magnifies
and resonates causing her faceplate to ache
Sir, my scanner indicates- a fearsome shape
And so the Space Kraken Awakes!
Make for the gate [hurry in] We're safe
Captain it's bearing straight [Battlestations]
Time for Action! the space kraken awaits
We'll use the heavy platform as bait
And soon as it approaches arm and detonate
Match the wavelength and amplify its strength
Oh my god, look at it's length
A gruesome beast! Shockwaves and debris
Clear the screen of this cosmic dust, Captain
Plus; it's still alive and turning towards us
Full shields up! All guns erupt,
Mantis Lift up! Sir,it won't be enough
It's mouths opening up! We'll be crushed!
Full- thrust, max engine gas compress combust
Ring the collision claxon (it's time for Action!)

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Lair of the Beast

Urgent emerging emergency
Captain Plus - sees the beast that he freed
Feels the star the starship starts to bleed
- Mantis One sits inside the Dead Sea
The Engineer says we're holding mostly
The BIOS cone lights his screen and shows me
The XO goes the glow is ghostly -
as Doctor Quest quotes that Space is Lonely
Jason notes we're like the one and only
My Angar vanguard looks on coldly
A-lex scolds him "To go Boldly"
Sinclair says "please, someone hold me"
I told the crew the Gods are watching closely
We're with you sir! Yet scared they showed me
With screens on the verge of collapsing totally
All the while the beast circles slowly

Tactical: The monsters seeking
Factual: We have plasma leaking
Practical: the storms concealing
And Actual: the damage reduced shielding

- impact, Space Kraken Attacks
Shields collapse as the arms attach
Any contact with the plasma gas (sir)
Turns its mass into shards of glass (that's it)
The beast reacts slackens its grasp
We answer back with a full missile rack
The arms relax as we rake her back
The beast contracts and the bridge goes black
(arghh) Only his chest was lit
As Doctor quest says her theory fits
It's the waves the beacons transmit
It's like a call, the beast answers it
Our scanner clicks makes its senses trip
And then in fact we attract its grip
The balance tips and she defends her strip'
And attacks any shift in its gravity pit

Tactical: The monsters seeking
Factual: We have plasma leaking
Practical: the storms concealing
And Actual: the damage reduced shielding
Tactical: Weapons Special
Factual: letting off electrical
Practical: burning off several tentacles
And Actual: it's quite a spectacle

(it's working) We invert the waves
It works its way, the beast moves away
The crew celebrates: we won the day
The chief engineer has worse to say
Orbit decays as the gravity plays
The news is grave, this pit's our grave
As the core decays and our engines fade
Someone screams the beast comes this way
He was set to aim his cosmic rays
I said delay, the beast moves so strange
The way it behaves- like it wants to play
While some pray we're no longer prey
It becomes a sleigh and the Mantis raise
And after we're saved it falls away
in its on way it seems to convey -
the beacons stay but ships keep away
a final spray as it turned away
then dove below back into grey
the lesson played as we limped away
my mission grades on the Kraken's day

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Enter the Exit Track

Observation deck thirteen
I extend the Lens and magnify -
the view port starts to open wide
- I hear the screen intensify
I see a quasar start to die
and watch a solar flare, it rises high
I watch the stars slide by and particles collide
My XO takes my side
stands quietly and then whispers why
I replied it's all cosmic tides
Across the seas of space, it seems our fates intertwine
A bright shine like a golden charm
Lights up her face as an Ion disperses charge
Colors change from magnetic waves
The comets cascade from half-life decay displays
Her eyes glazed as she turned away
I think I heard her say you saved more than lives today
You're the captain of my starship
and Should the fabric rip
and stars start to dip
And the moon eclipse and lose it's grip
and Planets Fall
as if Atlas trips, an axis tips
you're the pilot of my rocket ship
enter his exit track, galactic star trip
Dynamics Plus blast off in his starship
Dynamics Plus blast off in your starship

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Encounter on Planet X-10

Our shuttle descends onto Planet X-10
mission to investigate a message that was sent
in a sense this meant alien contact in fact
create a contract and pact
Marines in packs in case of aggressive acts
Stacked and armed for combat so quick to react
and in short it's considered a sport
ready for all sorts of assorted attacks my transport
pulls near to what appears to be an ancient fort
the pilot swore
sir, I've explored and fought many wars on alien shores.
But I've never seen anything like this before.
But to be sure I'm opening the cargo bay doors
a giant robot steps forth
I asked what's the machine for
the entire marine corps let off a roar
Doctor Quest says her long range scan
only one relic stands among the oceans of sand
the robot is at her command
it only Understands simple programs and commands.
It's only here to carry the heaviest gear
To be fair it looks like hardware for warfare
the marines panned out and prepared made a firing line
and fanned out yelling all clear
and then an awesome glare
suddenly it just appeared, standing there (hold your fire!)
its body was enormous, its face was monstrous
it started walking towards us (Indira Quest)
The doc was distracted, (Do you even see what's happening?!)
She said Captain did you notice these wall plates?
They bare the universal shape
I think I can translate.
They're words from an ancient race
the thing stepped on a disc
the floor began to shift.
while sliding out from its hip was a strange instrument
light came from its tip
the sergeant screamed armor-suit it's fully equipped
what happened next is up for debate
something warm and sticky -splashed on my face
everything went black and then the muzzle flash
the sounds of screaming and then a body crashed
I need assisting, mister are you listening
He twisted I saw most of his face was missing
The suit the alien wore
seemed to absorb Shells grenades and pellets as well- as it tore
Among the gore she crawled on all fours
She said Captain I've translated more
I know what this fortress is fortified for
It warns and implores avoid a gruesome store
This planet's a prison, meant to remain hidden
This visit's forbidden, we're in the midst of the most viscous and malicious
it's overridden and overwritten -the hieroglyphs of the crypt.
And trans- mitting. Fitting for its makeshift spaceship
Captain I think we're beginning to lift (let's go)
We ran out into the open
hoping to make the opening that was closing
then the monster closed in (she screamed -hopeless)
it aimed it's stick
she said I cant bare to watch it
the robot ran in to stop it- ramming him to block it
against program logic
several servos seemed to fuse.
The alien tried to break loose but it's no use.
We were only a few (marines move)
we were covered then recovered by the shuttle crew (captain)
my XO spaceship Mantis One
orbits in low
opens up with guns blows holes and the whole base shows then rolls on its side
glows then explodes
the doctor stands alone.
Said she never sent codes
the robot acted on its own
mission ends, download and send
she lost a friend on planet X-10

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M.O.P.H.O. Last Analogue Transmission

And this composition (Captain of a starship!)
The Xodus Phoenix expedition (Blast off Rocketship!)
My Final mission (A-shaped spaceship)
The Captains' last Analog Transmission (The Last Transmission!)

My survey ship
the Phoenix Xodus receives a transmission
-it's a series of blips from a far distance
set a course for it
[here's your mission:] Ascertain the source and maintain an orbit
Sir, I have visual, it's a spaceship (of an unknown kind)
It's sending us a analog signal (well, let's reply)
We can't respond in digital (we'll have to go inside)
The line has died A magnetic storm has arrived
take the ship down planet-side.
Send an away team while we wait for the waves to subside

Part II [Down and Away]

Can you hear me captain? Yes barely, boost his chip
It's clearly an earthship, buried up to its tip
fairly certain the ancient rocketship has real analog circuits
powered by Curtis chips.
We're stopping the rover and walking closer
There's lettering on the hull, but its' covered over
It reads MOPHO what?
M.O. in Code
Mike, Oscar, Papa, Hotel, Oscar
come in over?
Mopho. Find me a reference
the storms too intense
We're losing communiqué
there's too much interference
Captin, we've entered the main bay
proceeding down main passageway into the command gangway
Captain, the signals split
I can't receive you but I can still transmit
I hope you're getting all of this
Look here, we have a dead astronaut slumped over holding a yellow box.
Sir, data package, live feed, it's the ship's ID
This doesn't make sense; it's logged under military defense.
MOPHO the letters meant Mass Obliteration Planetary Heavy Ordinance
There's a red button sir.
I'm sure it's a control
Yes, wires leading to the console.
No! Don't press it.
I'm sure this resets it.
Blast off, emergency Lift-off

The Hull is peeling away!
Atomic yield phase shields raised
Planet Surface giving way.
massive waves of radioactive rays
displayed in an azure haze of Fallout blaze
(planetary shockwave!) gaining a range, mass action engine engage
burning inertial stage, surfing immersing in flames

Part III [Doctor Atomics sees the Light of Destruction]

The Ark is part of the pardon of Cain
the arc is part of the stay from acidic rains in face of his reign
shaping the plane and breaking the chains lights fade in the age of half-life decays
awaken a wraith and awaiting his rage
[it's the God]
birthing and cursing in his domain
[insert control rods]
the world spins on his lathe
action reaction a vain
attracting your acting a play
a pact to enact a delay
it's an act of faith
we wait as he pulls the reins
plays the strings of fate
it's the endgame of your ways

Sir the gravity gauge
well, check the display
It's confirmed we're pulling away.
We were almost burned
Set course for return
Close mission.
Coded: Analog Transmission

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Battle Planet REMIX

(Captain to the bridge)
I'll make this short Captains Star log
Star date update Report
We are about to arrive and engage the Alien Planet 5
Collide and survive where most that tried have died
We dedicate this commission to the ships that are missing
We are the vanguard of that final frontier.
Most of you Understand the importance of being here
To deliver this payload and avenge the destruction of our home(Sir!)
To the Lenzmen/ helmsmen: break warp, set course
We used the Ionic Disruptor
to cause the Force Filed to peel
it was ironic; it exploded in a most beautiful cluster that almost collapsed our shields
Next they sent scores of insects to intercept
Small ships called Streakers
that static burst of the speakers alerts us to the Star Screamers.
I can hear the Screams of the burning cities.
Gunner, fire the small batteries
The laser seeks in great sweeps (hull breach , Captain)
A few must have gotten through- "Maintain course continue

Battle Planet Part II
The Battle Planet came into view
clouds of Toxic, noxious gaseous fumes
ejected into The atmosphere in towering plumes of iridescent hues
10, 000 worlds consumed by this star of doom
The huge monstrous centrifuge needed fuel
We let off the heaviest tool.
We waited, waded through the Shockwave
then it seemed to come alive
the Cloud mass around its equator parted the sky
Dissipating into the shape of an eye
with a giant Solar flare inside.
Electrical strikes raked our sides
Everything went short
from the spikes (emergency lights)
down to emergency power and life support
Self-destruct in six minutes- all hands abandon ship
I said Navigator: not you.
Sir, you weren't about to give up were you?
And I said" Very true, bring us around full circle.
Send out the beacon for the escape pods
arm the payload, we'll use this ship as a lightning rod.
Then She squeezed my hand
said a small prayer to her god.
Kiss my cheek whispered "True and Living" then Oblivion.

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Then you should be reading this. Really.
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The Lenzmen track Residue is featured on the DonDiva DVD 'How we gettin it'. It plays before the Loaded Lux freestyle segment. A few other tracks from Dynamics Plus are sprinkled throughout. Also, check for the producer Sean Maru. His track appears at the Beginning of the P-Star segment.

Dynamics Plus is featured in the Pages of Ghetto Blaster Magazine issue 15. *purchase any 2 products from the Music Store and receive a copy* The Article can be found here.