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Dynamic Universe Volume 01: Mental Flex

Dynamic Universe Volume 01: Mental Flex

1 Degree Keys
2 Time Waits for No One
3 Twilight of Superheroes
4 Aerosols
5 Terror In Your Era
6 Mental Flex
7 CDP Planet Industry
8 CDP Stardust Memories
9 Egyptian Chapters
10 I See My Influence Still Shining

Degree Keys

Time Waits for No One

I consider Mental Flex to be the official first album from the Dynamic Universe volumes. These are old songs from an era where the Do It Yourself approach wasn't a popular way to think yet. I wasn't approaching recording in terms of albums, I was only interested in experimenting and making songs I liked. Maybe these songs would be done over again in a bigger studio and I'd get around to polishing them. The Cryptic One from Atoms Fam would always encourage me to put material out and press records, but I always felt like I wasn't where I wanted to be as an artist. I thought I would be going the conventional route of a record deal first and record pressing second.

I've seen artists lose valuable creative years remaking the same songs over and over with different producers and at different studios -working on the same concepts over and over trying to make that final version that would be a perfect hit record. I got caught up in that for a while making part twos and part threes to songs with unrealized potential. I broke this cycle by simply moving on and saying: Okay, twelve songs, that's an album, what's next? That's where I got the idea to create songs under the idea of a Dynamic Universe Volume.

Dynamic Universe Volume 4: Run from the Fallout and Dynamic Forces in Motion dropped first because I felt like I got the sound close enough to the vision/version in my head. While I waited for a perfect time to recreate a lot of my old material, the world changed and so did I. I didn't think like that Dynamics Plus and I didn't rhyme like that Dynamics Plus anymore. I didn't want to change the original versions by bringing in modern sensibilities, but I also didn't want to pass these albums off as current. So the way I'm choosing to approach this older material is to call it what it. Mental Flex; Dynamic Universe Volume 01 is a collection of my early recording left raw and low-fi from the early days of my Fallout Shelter Productions. Some of these songs are over 10 years old.

I hope you enjoy my music and get a glimpse of how I evolved, changed and grew into the Dynamics Plus of today. In many of these songs you can hear the seeds of imagination and see where some of the pathways I've taken were discovered. Thanks for listening. -Lenzmen Dynamics Plus

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The Lenzmen track Residue is featured on the DonDiva DVD 'How we gettin it'. It plays before the Loaded Lux freestyle segment. A few other tracks from Dynamics Plus are sprinkled throughout. Also, check for the producer Sean Maru. His track appears at the Beginning of the P-Star segment.

Dynamics Plus is featured in the Pages of Ghetto Blaster Magazine issue 15. *purchase any 2 products from the Music Store and receive a copy* The Article can be found here.

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