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Dynamic Universe Volume 03: Jade Mantis

Dynamic Universe Volume 03: Jade Mantis

01 Definition of Dynamics
02 Sentence Syntax
03 Mental Flex II
04 Higher Masteries
05 EQ Points- The Heavy Science my Foresight Drops
06 Mantis Evangelist
07 Eye of Ishtar (Snake Charmer REMIX)
08 Jade Mantis interlude
09 Source of Perception
10 Nucleon: Satellite Death Beams
11 Knocking Tops Off
12 Vocal Pitch- Science is Monstrous
13 Eye of Ishtar (Original Mix)

Mental Flex II

EQ Points- The Heavy Science My Foresight Drops

It's killer rhymes and an aggressive delivery from the Deadly Jade Mantis Dynamics Plus. The science gets heavy and deep so prepare to rewind this a few times to catch it all.

I took a weird bend on this album where it's a mix of super introspective lyrics and battle rhymes. I reached a point with the obscure references where I didn't care who else got it besides me. Many of these songs were never meant to be released and there are still other tracks that were so far out there that it didn't make sense to share them. Truth is, on some of them, I don't even know where I'm going with some of the rhymes. I have to think real hard to remember. In 'Higher Masteries', Raven's Gate was an indie film and Memnoch is a reference to a devil. It's a vision of debating the fate of humanity to powerful entities as if to say that's the circle I keep. You get the idea.

The Degree Keys open your mental blocks and allow you to understand the full meaning of our layered lyrics. The wordplay and Lenz Linguistics tend to Bend and Blur your Optics and obscure the messages behind much of our material. I find that once a listener understands one song, they all tend to open up and make total sense. I was never one of those writers that just put stuff together because it sounded good or gave off a vibe although I admit lots of listeners have said they don't know exactly what I'm saying, but they feel it just the same. Have confidence that I say what I mean and mean what I say.

On a last note, I pledged a college fraternity and snuck in a lot of their High Ideas and lessons from the pledge process. Mixed in are also references to my frat brothers and stories from that 'underground' experience. So I apologize in advance for going so internal with this one. On the joints that are truly accessible I gave you a very direct link into what I had to say. Source of Perception and EQ Points are verbal rants from a much more streety angle. Well that's about it. Thank you for checking out my music. -Dynamics Plus

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The Lenzmen track Residue is featured on the DonDiva DVD 'How we gettin it'. It plays before the Loaded Lux freestyle segment. A few other tracks from Dynamics Plus are sprinkled throughout. Also, check for the producer Sean Maru. His track appears at the Beginning of the P-Star segment.

Dynamics Plus is featured in the Pages of Ghetto Blaster Magazine issue 15. *purchase any 2 products from the Music Store and receive a copy* The Article can be found here.

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