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Chaos Legion I & II

C.H.A.O.S. Legion Artwork


Imagine a world where the Roman Empire never fell but instead dominated the globe. Envision a place where mythology and technology meet on battlefields filled with robotic gladiators, giant siege machines and hovercrafts manned by Centurions. This is the world of the C.H.A.O.S Legion, a massive two volume concept album rooted in hip hop but powered by futuristic beats and a sonic palette including multiple characters conversing in rhyme. Dynamics Plus, emcee and producer who also mixed, mastered and even created the artwork has basically created an audio version of a big budget fantasy epic in his own studio "the fallout shelter". Dynamics Plus says of the albums...

"I developed the concept for this album years ago but I didn't have the tools or gear necessary to do it the way I had it in my mind so I sat on it while I kept building my skill-set. I recorded the entire album in sequence so I completed the intro track and kept recording until the last track of the story was done. I lived this album as it unfolded."

No easy feat for sure, but Dynamics Plus AKA Drew Spence is one of the greatest students of the art of production. He uses his knowledge and love to further its ends as Editor In Chief of Producers Edge Magazine, a resource dedicated to documenting every angle of music production. As a member of The Lenzmen (also including members Doctor Strange, Centri and Earthadox) he's crafted imaginative songs touching on many themes including the martial arts, wrestling, sci-fi, aliens and super heroics. This is definitely Dynamic Plus's masterwork. Speaking on the story he reveals "It takes place on Alternate Earth where Dynamics Plus is a Legionnaire General of King Xertese, who is like the Alexander the Great of this world. The rising popularity of Plus leads to jealousy and eventually betrayal. The bloody campaign of revenge and conquest begins!"

The Dynamics Plus creates his own army from a collection of outcasts. These albums follow the rise of this C.H.A.O.S (Combat Heavy Assault Operations Squad) Legion and their challenge to the Xertese empire. It's also a metaphor for today's musical landscape as Dynamics Plus uses an army of songs to rally the underground into challenging the empire we call the music industry.

"Iron Fortress" was a tough one to get going because I knew the first album needed an anchor song to end with. The subtitle for Chaos Legion album I was originally Siege Machines and I wanted to create something really epic and grand. It was going to be the vision the two forces, separated by a huge chasm, hurling all manner of ordinance at each other. In the set up interlude "Siege Machines" you get the sense that Dynamics Plus is wary of the whole idea that this 'devil's technology' is going to be what will bring them victory.READ MORE or watch the video on YouTube.

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The Lenzmen track Residue is featured on the DonDiva DVD 'How we gettin it'. It plays before the Loaded Lux freestyle segment. A few other tracks from Dynamics Plus are sprinkled throughout. Also, check for the producer Sean Maru. His track appears at the Beginning of the P-Star segment.

Dynamics Plus is featured in the Pages of Ghetto Blaster Magazine issue 15. *purchase any 2 products from the Music Store and receive a copy* The Article can be found here.